Fall Revival with Rev. Hilton Woodell

revival2Although starting a week late due to the death of a Church memberthFall 2013 Revival was a blessing to those who attended. Rev. Hilton Woodell, pastor of Reedy Branch Baptist Church, delivered a word from God over the three night night revival. Many souls were blessed as he spoke about Living Joyously in Christ on Monday night. The Reedy Branch Choir shared several gospel hymns for us. Then on Tuesday New Hope Youth opened the service with music and drama and we enjoyed a special drama performance from Preacher Hilton’s daughter. His topic was A Heart for the Gospel. He encouraged us to share the Gospel of Christ with the lost. To reach the unreachable like the Romans who thought they were better than anyone else. Wednesday night Pastor Hilton shared the familiar story that Jesus told about building on the Rock. His Topic was The Truth about Entering Heaven As God Sees It. Building your life on the rock of Jesus secures your decision to make heaven your eternal home. Profession <–> Possession We have to not only Profess but also Possess a personal relationship with Jesus to enter into heaven. We thank the Pastor and his family for sharing with New Hope during revival. Thanks also to the New Hope Singes and the Youth Group and Reedy Branch Choir for music and drama selections this week.


 Worshiping the true and living God!!!